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"I'm Not Going to Start a Blog"

That's what I've been telling myself for a while. I've been a pastor for a little over seven years now. I've blogged in the past for other sites, many of which I am a regular reader. For the last seven years, I've shared my opinion and positions privately with other pastors, church members, skeptics, and everyone in between. But I've never wanted to start a blog. Why not? Well, to be honest, there are a lot of reasons. Probably the most prevalent in my mind is because I never wanted a personal blog to be something I start but never finish. The internet is a graveyard for blogs that fizzled out. So many blogs were created as New Year's resolutions that never survived a post or two. On the other hand, there are many great blogs out there worth visiting. Is there really room for a mediocre one? Another reason I never wanted a blog was because of the great propensity to cloud a person's witness. You know, blogs tend to create just as much confusion and controversy as they do clarity. I think often of the wise words of the late and great Charles Spurgeon who once said (quoting Cobbett), "I speak not only so that I can be understood, but so that I cannot be misunderstood." With all of these reasons, why start a blog now? Well, to some degree, I can't avoid the desire to be a help to my church family, other pastors, and anyone else who may happen to stumble upon this site accidentally while looking for something else (like Joe Thorn's blog). I just know how some blogs have served me in unbelievable ways and if through my experiences I can do that for even one person, then it's worth it. So here's to one more blog with the hopes of being helpful.


Joe Best

P.S. Forgive any spelling or grammatical errors. I went to public school and let's just say I did not do good...or well...or whatever.

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