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8 Hours or Less - Book Review

I have to admit something to you. As a preacher, whenever I see a preaching book I usually snatch it up and read it as quickly as I possibly can. This is especially true if the name on the front cover means something to me. In many cases, the names on the front of these books are men I deeply respect, but hardly know (or could know because some of them are long gone). John Broadus. C.H. Spurgeon. Martyn Lloyd-Jones. John Stott. Hershael York. H.B. Charles. Bryan Chapell.

This book was different, however. The name on the front really meant something to me. Ryan Huguley. Not only is this book written by a man I deeply respect, but he is a friend. This is what made this book so special to me. If you knew Ryan, you would know every word was thought over, carefully written, and solely meant for your benefit. He is also extremely hilarious and helpful. This is why I am quick to listen to anything Ryan has to say about preaching. He knows what he's talking about and is a phenomenal communicator.

In 8 Hours or Less: Writing Faithful Sermons Faster, Huguley uniquely tackles every preacher's chaotic process of preparing a sermon to preaching a sermon. If you know the feeling of fear and frustration during the sermon preparation process, you will be met by the sympathetic and helpful counsel of an experienced preacher that will leave you reassured and reinvigorated. As preachers, we can not afford to be lazy in our sermon preparation. Our people will either leave wrestling with the text or wrestling to understand our sermons. He truly helps us to understand how to write faithful sermons that leave our people wrestling with the text.

While every preacher has to figure out his own method of sermon preparation, Huguley will save you countless hours of trial and error. What sets this book apart is he actually provides a practical plan that any preacher can implement right away. This is what so many good preaching books lack...a plan. However, in 8 Hours or Less, you literally find a daily plan with milestone goals that are in a realistic reach for any preacher. After reading this book, you will think, "Yes! I can do this! I don't have to be afraid or anxious when Sunday afternoon hits."

I assure you that you will greatly benefit from reading 8 Hours or Less! I have no complaints except the fact I found myself saying, "Tell me more, Ryan!" or "I'd love to see an example of this!" So if you are a preacher and you need help with your sermon preparation (Spoiler alert: you do!), then this is a book for you. If you are a preacher and you want to grow in your sermon preparation (Spoiler alert: you always can!), then this is a book for you. If you are a preacher and you are in a rut where sermon preparation has become a mundane duty, then this is a book for you. If you are a communicator of any kind, then this is a book for you. If you are a church member and complain about your pastor's preaching, then buy this book for him and stop complaining.

Great work, my friend!

Buy 8 Hours or Less on Amazon! ($7.73)

Check out Ryan Huguley's podcast, In the Room!

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