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"What I want most desperately in my ministry."

I love superhero movies. I don't care what brand. DC. Marvel. Netflix Original. It doesn't matter. Heck, I even like watching Paw Patrol with my son. Superheroes grab your attention. Every story has a tension. Good vs. evil. Desperation. Hope held in the hands of a faithful few...or one. Superheroes are amazing. I won't say without exception (because there will be that one comic book nerd who will say something), but for the most part, the superhero always wins. Even if they don't win in the first episode or movie, eventually the good guy always wins. The bad guy is defeated. The prize is won. The world is safe. Hope is restored.

What I love most about superheroes is they remind me so much of Jesus. No, not the superhero suits (tights) or special abilities. They remind me He always wins. He never fails. He always succeeds. He always overcomes. He has overcome. Evil, death, hell, the enemies...they're defeated. They won't win. They can't win.

As I think about this new year, 2018, if I could fulfill one goal, one wish, one desire...I want Jesus to be the hero and legacy of my life and ministry. I want to devote all of my time, energy, effort, desire towards this one thing...Jesus has won. Hope is restored. The enemy is defeated.

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