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"Who is your favorite preacher?"

I have to confess, I have two. I know, I can only have one. Well, it's my blog and I'll do what I want. These two men have had a tremendous impact on my love for Jesus and my love for preaching His good gospel. Let me introduce you to them...

Pastor H.B. Charles, Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church (Jacksonville, FL)

I recently was about to meet H.B. when my good friend, Pastor Adron Robinson, held a revival at his church, and the guest speaker was H.B. This man has a gift to easily and eloquently communicate the Word to God's people. The seriousness, yet simplicity of his messages consistently leaves me astounded. All I can say is when this brother preaches, I not only feel full, but I feel hungry for more. H.B. has been preaching since he was a boy. At 11, he preached his first sermon. At 15, he was preaching on a weekly basis. At 17, he pastored his first church. At 35, he went on to pastor Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida (a church with a story worth listening to here). He's written a book on preaching (one I use for training other future pastors and give to men who want to grow in their preaching. Seriously, buy it or ten.). He is a pastor and preacher worth imitating. Thank you for your example H.B.!

Here is a recent message from Pastor H.B. Charles...

You can listen to other sermons by Pastor H.B. Charles at the Shiloh Metropolitan sermon page!

Pastor Matt Chandler, The Village Church (Flower Mound, TX)

I've known about this young pastor for quite a few years. I'll never forget the first time hearing him preach was November 12, 2009. I was a seminary student at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. It was my last semester before I entered the pastorate. I'll never forget it was a busy time and my wife was studying. We were going to just stay in Carver Hall instead of going to the chapel. Something inside of me, though, felt that we needed to go. We went. It was a powerful message from Hebrews 11. It was also two weeks before Matt Chandler's life would change. November 26, 2009, Matt Chandler experienced seizures that were caused by a mass on the frontal lobe of his brain. He eventually had surgery and continues to recover. God has blessed him with a fruitful ministry at the Village Church. His testimony and faithfulness to the sufficiency of Scripture and the sovereignty of our good God has blessed me tremendously. Thank you, Pastor Matt!

Here is that message from November 12, 2009....

You can listen to other sermons by Pastor Matt Chandler at the Village Church sermon page!

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